Year-End Wrap-Up

Wow, this year is coming rapidly to an end. Looks like my last shows will be this weekend – tonight in Chapel Hill, NC at Harry’s Market out on 54, and tomorrow in Charlotte at Common Market’s Southend location on Tryon St. All this is, of course, barring some sort of snow apocalypse, but it doesn’t look like any of what’s fallen so far is going to stick, so I’m pretty sure these shows are going to be as scheduled.

It’s been quite a year for me. I released my first new CD in a few years – and if you’re still doing your holiday shopping, all my CDs do make fine gifts – and I went to the Kerrville Folk Festival for the first time and worked staff, camping out in the Texas dust for almost a month and breathing folk music. This spring, I also played my first webcast show, and ended up doing three or four of them, both from home and webcasting on location from clubs where I was playing. That’s really kinda neat. I’d like to do more of that this coming year.

In 2009 I began teaching harmonica lessons and I’ve enjoyed rethinking the rudiments of another instrument and doing some research as to how best to present them. Ukulele also entered the scene this year, and while it’s really similar to guitar, it has its own quirks that I’ve had to take into account when helping people get started. All this started from guitar for me, and I’ve been teaching guitar for going on ten years now, if you can believe it. Wow.

My year-end project is to set up new websites just for my teaching. Not sure if it’ll be one site to rule them all, one site to find them, etc – I’m leaning towards having individual subdomains for each instrument I teach, to give them each their proper due and hopefully help drive search traffic by doing only one thing at each site.

In other computer news, I’ve also been enjoying working on my computer using the Linux operating system. So far, I can do everything I need to do, although sadly, Netflix doesn’t have Watch Instantly support yet for Linux because of DRM issues. Drat that DRM.

Dunno if this will be my last posting for 2009. I’m pretty spontaneous with most of my web stuff, but if this is it, happy holidays and see you in the new year!

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