We Delivery: This Week On The Road

We Delivery

From the Finger Lakes up the snowy highway to Watertown, and back down again to the Village in NYC: that was my experience in upstate New York this past Monday and Tuesday. Visited with friends in the city, met a whole bunch of people and lived the indie-songwriter version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Everybody I met knew somebody I knew.

On Thursday I paid shocking amounts of money to the toll trolls of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority and reached Maryland with no delays, while listening to Chop Chop by my friend Shwa.

After three or four years of playing at various locations around UMD, I finally made it to the lunchroom stage, and it was good. Only half-kidding. The gigs I play are not glamorous, but I do really appreciate having a room full of people to play for. I’d rather play in a full cafeteria than an empty coffee shop.

Tonight I was back in Durham, NC and played at Festivus celebration, put on by Traction. It was a rainy night and I had trouble finding the Chameleon Building but the SMS Googl text service set me straight. Feats of Strength were represented by Dance Dance Revolution and the Airing of Grievances were written. They had a skillshare auction, including “how to make granola” and “advanced knitting.” I played music in between raffle and auction announcements.

At the end of the night, it was nice to have only a half-hour drive home. Durham Tractivists take note – I’m playing in the Bull City again in two weeks, at Six Plates Wine Bar on Thursday Dec 18.

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