The Lincoln Theatre Show

This show was a blast. Don Dixon‘s fans were very kind to us and while the Tad Dreis Experience can’t quite fill a place the size of the Lincoln Theatre on our own, we had a good number of supporters of our own on hand. I did two songs solo, then brought the band on, and it was our second show playing through a real sound system.

The first “real sound system show” was a few days before at the Evening Muse, after which I was awestruck by the power of my band sounding like THAT. Well, kick that sound up a couple notches and you’ve got the Lincoln Theatre.

“Bam!” as my musical idol Emeril Lagasse would say.

I’m heading out on the road solo for a couple weeks, but there will be more band shows starting at the end of February at the Nightlight in Chapel Hill. Thanks to Don and Jamie for being gracious and friendly (and for rocking the house), to Marianne for putting the show together, and to Mike Grohs for taking the photo up top.

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