The Ballad of Valentines Week

Googie's Lounge, NYC

Here’s the story of last week’s tour of the Northeast, starting with last Wednesday. Googie’s is a tiny place in NYC that we ably filled, Jeremiah & Akiva were super to be on stage with, we all sang and played backup to whoever was leading the song. I got my copy of Joy & Gravity from Jeff Fowler, who took the picture above, and listened to it on the three-hour-ish drive to Delhi NY, where the oracle led me to SUNY and a movie theater on campus where I played for the kids. A Rock Band tournament followed, with the game projected on the giant screen. I played drums on Message In A Bottle and it was like DDR for someone with five legs.

Then Friday, it was on to Juniata College, a six-hour drive whose record was beaten easily by Becca Loebe, who drove all the way from Maine to be at the show. We each played solo sets, then concluded with a great set of duets that included Becca’s Grace, my Give It Away, and then Hallelujah and I’m A Believer. I was a little nervous during our quick rehearsal at the hotel but it worked out beautifully.

Was hoping to play in Charlottesville VA on the way home but communication lines snarled and I didn’t get the official ok from the venue in time. A little sad, but also good to get home on Valentines Day and have a nice dinner rather than Subway Subway Subway. See you next time, Cville!

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