Texas & Louisiana, Part 2

On Tuesday, we got up before the crack of dawn to hear Kidd Kraddick In The Morning play Taylor’s latest studio demo on the air. The show is carried on something like 70 stations and Taylor’s Myspace page instantly got thousands of hits. Pretty awesome.

That afternoon I drove out to Ruston, Louisiana and played a show in The Tonk at Louisiana Tech University. No one knew why it was called “The Tonk.” One theory was that it used to be a honky tonk. I like to think it was the site of Louisiana’s historic 1937 Tonka Truck Rally.

Lots of smiling faces and friendly people, plus I had a stage, a couple lights, and a loud sound system, so I was a happy solo acoustic rock star.

Afterwards some students from Grambling invited me to play at an event at their school a couple days later, but I had to take a rain check due to previous commitments. But I’d love to come back another time, if you’re reading this, Grambling :)

Got back to Dallas at about 2 AM and went right to sleep. Got up (relatively) early the next day and flew home to see Daniel Lee play a Chapel Hill show I set up for him. Another late night and another story entirely.

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  • Tad we loved you here at Tech, and I find your blogs quite humorous. Now I am hungry after Part.. 1. PB&J it is.. have a great day.


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