Texas & Louisiana, Part 1

I got home from Virginia on Friday, put fresh socks in my suitcase and headed back out on Saturday to play in Texas. My winning streak of delay-free air travel was broken by ice issues in Dallas, and I ended up missing my Austin show with Taylor Davis and Bryan Dunn.

Which was a bummer, but I headed down to Austin the next day anyway and just visited a bit. My brother introduced me to Veggie Heaven, which was truly amazing. The food was cheap and delicious and I had iced “bubble tea” with pearls of tapioca root in it.

On Monday I returned to Dallas and played Opening Bell Coffee with Becky Middleton, Jackson Edwards, Chase Gassaway, and Jaimee Harris. The tortilla soup was awesome. The music was good too. And my friend Alex from the band Tripp told his parents about the show and they came and stayed to the end, which was truly impressive for a Monday night. Kudos to the Wilkins family. And to the other performers on the bill. And to Cafe Brazil or wherever it was where we got crepes afterwards. Is this a music or a food blog? Sorry.

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