Synchronicity In Chicago

This past Wednesday I drove extremely carefully to my show at Uncommon Ground. It was my first Chicago show in four years, and I played on a bill with two very nice and very talented acts: Mira Mira and Ben Sollee.

Ben’s a singer/songwriter and cellist. He bows the cello the way you’d imagine, but he also fingerpicks it like a guitar and thumps it like a string bass. And sings soulfully. Before the show, he lost his wedding ring in the snow! It was awful but he kept his chin up. Please take a moment, dear readers, and send reunion vibes for Ben and his Precious (or a dollar, to help buy him a new Precious).

Speaking of reunions, at this show I got to visit with my old friend Grace, who I hadn’t seen in ten years. Coincidentally, Uncommon Ground is located on the corner of Clark and, wait for it, Grace Street. Furthermore, Jeff Buckley played a now-legendary concert at the same club in 1994. He was promoting his first album, which was also titled “Grace.”


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