Spirit DJ

There has got to be a spirit DJ in my mp3 player. On random, it lined up Leonard Cohen’s and Martin Sexton’s identically-titled songs “Hallelujah” back to back. Later on, it was John Lee Hooker threatening to have hit men kill a dude, followed by what could have been a response single, thirty-five years later: 2Pac’s song “If I Die 2night,” about being hunted down by killers. The first pair could have been some random choice of having a non-random name association, but the second pair are related thematically. Eerie.

I’m sure any iPod user has had the experience of rediscovering music they’d forgotten once they digitize their entire collection and start running shuffle mixes. Listening tonight, I can’t help thinking of what I’m reading in Kurzweil about the advantage computers have over humans in the department of instant data recall. I remember most of these songs very specifically, but some songs only have a vague, hazy familiarity to them. Listening to them on headphones instead of just in my own head is essentially me using the mp3 hard drive as “non-biological” auxilliary brain. Implants can’t be far off. I’m not sure how I feel about being an mp3 cyborg.

PS: A Bowie-esque Shudder to Think side-project into Charley Patton – hottt!

PPS: Mad props to Daniel Lee’s recent blog which suggested just keeping all the music on your computer and shuffling a 1GB slice to a tiny, inexpensive mp3 player, rather than carting around a bulkier, more expensive and thus less carefree 80-gig monster. Carefree is key.

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  • I can understand where you’re coming from here. I’m pretty sure my iPod can sense my moods. It’s a mood iPod. Like mood rings, but with more working parts, and the ability to bring out a total emotion in me, rather than just thinking about something half-assed.

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