Robot On My Dashboard

Drove maybe ten hours up to Ithaca NY on Tuesday, played at the open mic at ABC Cafe, envied a tiny harp, listened to one-liners delivered by a guy dressed as Christ, ate potato cheddar soup. Continued to Fulton NY, got in after midnight.

Today I headed over to Cayuga CC and played in their hangout area over lunch – the school layout is basically a warehouse with huge cubicles for classrooms, so I’m confident everybody in school today heard me. All the students were remarkably chipper, it was refreshing!

Newsflash: hpig tattoos can be applied to laptops. Thank you, CCC art students.

Then a long drive home. I finished the latest audiobook of Stephen King short stories, listened to a couple hours of random shuffle music prepared by my spirit dj, and communed with the GPS robot that now lives on my dashboard.

The last half-hour I composed limericks without punchlines. “There was an old man from Nebraska.” “There once was a writer from Texas.” “I went to a bargain bin shopping.” To paraphrase the Spinal Tap liner notes, it was a way of filling a much-needed void.

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