Recipe For Crepes

No, this entry is not related to rock ‘n roll, but it does speak to your basic hungers, much as music does. I had crepes when I studied abroad in France years ago, and when I made some from a cookbook recently, I rediscovered how simple and amazing they are.

Use equal parts flour and milk, maybe a little more flour, plus an egg and some salt. Heat up the pan pretty hot, melt a little butter. Evenly coat the pan with batter and what you get is a big, thin pancake. Takes maybe 20-30 seconds to set one side, then flip it and cook the other side for maybe 5 seconds and you’re done.

Savory: roll up roasted meat or veggies in a crepe and pour a sauce on it. Or put cheese inside, fold in half and make a quesadilla. Sweet: peanut butter, sliced banana, maple syrup or honey.

They are tender and delicious and you can use crepes to wrap up almost any dish. How about leftover chicken tikka masala or chickpeas?

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