Giant Umbrellas? Yes, Please.

Pittsboro General Store Cafe -- 10/18/08

The general store in Pittsboro NC has it all. A performance space with a huge mural? Check. Giant, painted umbrellas? Check. Normally, I’m happy with just a mural, or just a half-dozen giant umbrellas, but this time I guess I got lucky.

For this show on 10/18/08, I was joined by Alex Van Gils on electric upright bass and Charles Cleaver on keyboards. The sound system took some figuring out, but it ended up sounding fine and the dinner crowd stuck around after we played to hear Jeff Crawford and Nick Jaeger play the late set. We all got amazing dinners out of the deal, too. Sweet potato and jerk chicken burritos, mmm.

As a footnote, former North Carolina senator and presidential candidate John Edwards was there having dinner and he bought one of my CDs and gave us a thumbs up. If any eagle-eye photographers caught that moment, let me know.

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