Pirate Underground

Last night was a Monday. I played at the Pirate Underground, in the basement of the student union at East Carolina University, to the sounds of people playing pool and ping-pong. Before the show, me and the Student Union ladies moved something like forty armchairs by hand to make a comfy, inviting seating area in front of the stage. It was a workout. We’re all basically 0% body fat now.

It’s scary to play quiet songs. I have this thing in my head that tells me I have to rock out non-stop for an entire set in order not to put people to sleep, but the truth is, no sober audience WANTS to rock continuously. I didn’t run breathalizers on anyone in the armchairs, but the sense I got was that they were content with the amount of rocking they were treated to, and enjoyed the story songs and quiet stuff, too.

I can’t vouch for sobriety or enjoyment among the dudes playing pool. That’s hard to tell sometimes. Still, nobody whacked me with a pool cue. And during “Tainted Love,” they even gave me a CLAP CLAP at the beginning of each line, without prompting. Pretty good for a Monday night :)

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