Peace Pumpkin Party

Wish I had pictures to share, but imagine everybody painting pumpkins pink. Other colors, too, but a lot of cancer-fighting round squashes. The sun started to set as I played my second song, and it hit my eyes like a spotlight. A couple of songs later, we were in twilight (pre-werewolves, but still lots of drama). A core group of listeners clapped after every song, and the rest of the group seemed blissfully high on pumpkin and paint fumes, intent on their work. I didn’t have much supernatural material for Halloween week, no more than usual, but I did my best to play morbid stuff wherever possible. I Will Follow You Into The Dark, check. Pink Moon, check. Makeup Company, check? Not morbid, but: ghosts and identity theft. Two hours. Concluded with an Oasis singalong, need more practice with that. Is Pete Seeger taking interns? When he plays, everybody sings, it’s amazing. See you next time, PU. Peace out!

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