Niagara Falls

This week it was kind of fun to do all my shows at noon, and then have the afternoons free. I went to Niagara Falls one day. You can smell the increased humidity from the spray for blocks before you even get in sight of the falls. Strangely, everyone I talked to was kind of down on the town, saying it was all commercial and wanted to be Vegas. I don’t know much about the town itself, but come on – look at the huge waterfall! Huge waterfalls are awesome.

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  • I just went to Niagara Falls in March for the first time! Wasn’t it amazing?! A lot of the water was frozen at the bottom of the falls when I went. Was it still like that when you were there?

  • I think there was still some ice at the bottom. I couldn’t go down there because apparently they rebuild the walkway every year and it wasn’t finished yet!

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