Nelson Monday Jam 8-1-16

2016-08-01 Nelson PianoAnother Monday, another pre-dance jam! Wish I could get pictures of our jam musicians, but once the jam starts, I feel like we gotta keep moving, to play as much music as possible in the 45-50 minutes we have before the dance.

Had another decent turnout, as best I can remember, writing this a few days later – I think we had cello, two flutes, guest banjo, two fiddles, concertina, piano, guitar and harmonica.

Here are the tunes:

L’Oiseau Bleu
Roddy McCorley
Shove That Pig’s Foot
Mairi’s Wedding
Ashokan Farewell
Red-Haired Boy
Jamie Allen
Moon and Seven Stars
Road to Boston
Boda Waltz

And coming up this Saturday, we’ll have a pre-dance jam at the Peterborough Town House at 6:30pm. Be there!

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