Nelson Monday Jam 7-25-16

Starting at 7pm, we went around the (giant, sprawling) circle, and everybody chose a tune:

Father Kelly’s Reel (Portland)
Old Grey Cat (Portland)
Ashokan Farewell (Waltz Book)
Amelia (Waltz Book)
Coleraine (NEFR)
Jefferson & Liberty (NEFR)
Froggie on the Carport (Portland)
Jamie Allen (NEFR / Portland)
Moon & Seven Stars (Portland)
Connaughtman’s Rambles (NEFR)
Farewell to Whiskey (NEFR)
Pays de Haut (NEFR)

Instruments played: cello, four or five fiddles, three flutes, acoustic guitar, concertina, electric guitar, harmonica.

Books used: New England Fiddlers Repertoire, Portland Collection, The Waltz Book

Later that night, on stage…
And if I remember, the late-night contra dance sets played were:

Kesh Jig / Dan Something (?) in A / Irishman’s Heart
The Banshee / St Anne’s Reel / Flowers of Edinburgh
Waltz: Far Away

For those dances, it was Samuel on accordion, Garrett on banjo ukulele, Max on bass, Gordon on piano, and me on harmonica.

Peterborough First Saturday Jam: Correction
At the end of the early jam, I invited folks to come play at the Peterborough First Saturday Jam on August 6 before the contra dance in the Pboro Town House. I misspoke, thinking the first Saturday of August was THIS weekend, when actually it’s NEXT weekend. Peterborough jam starts at 6:30pm. If you stick around through the first half of the dance, we’ll also play some bonus waltzes during the break – in the middle of the dance floor, with couples waltzing around us.

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