Nelson Jam – July 18, 2016

IMG_20160718_200220The Monday night jam was once again orchestral! By the end, we had at least three fiddles, two flutes, cello, concertina, accordion, piano, guitar and harmonica.

The tune list tonight was punctuated by challenging new tunes which most of us sight-read, concluding with Mid Winter Waltz, which had a page turn that I missed, starting over from the beginning, puzzled why I was the only one confidently playing the first bars again.

There were calls to try it a second time, but we had to clear out for the dance, so a few of us regrouped behind the hall to give Mid Winter Waltz another run through.

This time, we all got the page turn and heard for the first time the shift from G minor to G major which those in the know had been waiting for. I was not in the know before, but I was now approaching the know. For good measure, we tried a second minor/major waltz outside, Tosavalsen.

Here are some of the tunes from tonight’s pre-dance jam:

L’Oiseau Bleu
Wind That Shakes the Barley
Lady of the Lake (D)
Little Burnt Potato
Mairi’s Wedding
Jefferson and Liberty
Rakes of Clonmel
Boda Waltz
Farewell to Whiskey
Mid Winter Waltz (outside)
Tosavalsen (outside)

IMG_20160718_203307Tonight was an Apple Hill night, and the hall was filled with visiting strings students attending the chamber music camp. We had four lines at one point. There were some unintentional shoulder checks. Gotta keep your swing minimalist when the hall’s that full! Usually the hall clears out around 10:00, but a good sized crowd stayed for the last two sets and the waltz. Tonight’s end of the night band was Samuel Foucher on accordion, Garrett Cameron on banjo uke, Jack Perron on fiddle, Gordon Peery on piano, and me on harmonica. Here’s what we played:

Jig Set: Rose in the Heather / Out on the Ocean / Morrison’s

Reel Set: The Banshee / Shenandoah Falls / McLenon’s

Waltz: The Rose By the Door

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