Nelson 8-13-16

2016-07-11_nelson_jam_by_lisaRunning a week late with this post!

Once again, music in the Nelson Town Hall for the Monday Pre-Dance Jam.

Some folks played by ear, others used music on stands.

The books we used were The New England Fiddlers Repertoire, The Portland Collection Vol 1, and The Waltz Book.

Here are the tunes we played:

Kesh Jig
Roddy McCorley
Shove That Pig’s Foot
L’Oiseau Bleu
The Frost Is All Over
Off She Goes
Farewell to Whiskey
Muckin’ O Geordie’s Byre
Jefferson & Liberty

Normally, we get more tunes in, but this week there was a delay unlocking the hall so we started a little later than usual, and as always, the dance has to get started at 8pm, so we had to wrap up on time regardless.

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