March Midwest Tour Notes

I ate three pieces of pizza at Giordano’s in Chicago and had trouble bending over to get back in my car.

While I was onstage in Glen Ellyn IL, two College of DuPage guys threw me a stick of cherry chapstick and a rubber ducky dressed like a ninja. It was a squeaky rubber ducky, but the squeaker was disabled. Because it was a ninja, and ninjas are SILENT.

As a footnote, I should probably mention that I returned their chapstick, since the seal was broken. I’m not going down the way Robert Johnson did. The ghost of Sonny Boy Williamson knocked the chapstick from my hand and said, “Man, don’t you ever use a chapstick that’s been opened!” I swallowed my pride and took his advice.

In Newton, Iowa, two female fans suggested they might get Hedgepig tattooed on their body for real. They had lots of tattoos already and they seemed relatively serious.

In Calmar, Iowa, it was a lunchtime show, but they cleared out tables and danced for my last few songs.

I did a short interview and some live songs for KDEC 100.5 FM in Decorah, Iowa this afternoon, and they gave me free Subway coupons. After the free rubber ducky and the used chapstick, I am telling you, the perques in this business just keep adding up.

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  • beware of the silentness of that ninja… they can be cute but they are sneaky little critters

  • Sarunia the cleansed

    We want mug shots of afforememtioned duck ninja. Your stories are a bit too clever, how do we know all these impossible things really happen to you?

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