Live Video: Nosh 2/11/10

Last night I played at a sandwich shop in Durham that has music on Thursdays. I’ve played there a number of times. It’s pretty chill, sometimes a little too chill, as in, folks are eating dinner and no one wants to be the only one to clap. But it’s still a nice little place and I get paid a little and get a free quesadilla. So last night I used their wireless to stream this show live on my Ustream channel.

I’ve been trying to do that more, any place I play that has Internet. The video’s a little pixelated, the audio is a little warbly. I’m still figuring it all out, but how cool is it that I can broadcast easily and be seen live anywhere in the world? And then archive my entire 2-hour show for future (blurry) viewings, for free? Enjoy the show, ye interested parties, here’s the link.

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