Live at The Living Room

On June 15, I drove about an hour along New Hampshire back roads to play at The Living Room, a church coffeehouse in Mason, NH. There were graduations in the area that day, so turnout was light in the rec room, but it was still a listening room, and I’m lucky to get to play in that kind of setting, where I’m up on a stage, with a light on me and the audience sits in a darkened room and listens carefully. I’m also way into rooms where we’re equally lit, even without a microphone, as long as folks are listening, but lighting and sound do give things a showbiz-y touch and turn everything you do onstage into a kind of theater. I think my set was probably pretty gentle. Not a bad thing, but I’m curious about violating the “don’t shout in a library!” rule. Watch out, quiet audiences, things might get edgy next time. Thanks to Steve and Mike for putting this series together, and thanks to Michelle for the photo.

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