Launch of the SS

I do hereby break a virtual bottle of wine on the hull of this craft, the SS Version B.L.O.G. Hurrah! Thanks to the good people at, and especially to the example of Jonathan Coulton, the Colchester Kid. He’s got so much more going for him than just a great website, namely awesome songs and studio skills, but you gotta start somewhere, and so here we are.

My goal for this blog is basically to keep its content “live.” And to do that, I have to actually do music stuff, which I’ve kind of put off for the last week while doing all this web design. But time and life, besides being glossy magazines, do march on, and I’ll be playing in Florida and South Carolina over the next few weeks, so if nothing else, you’ll get to hear about my misadventures.

I am now going to sign off and go to bed at a VERY rock ‘n roll hour of the night. Check the entry time and be impressed by my obsession, I mean, stamina. Cheers.

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