Ice in the Shadows

It’s February already! What’s been happening lately? Let’s see. I played a show with Mark Kroos last week at The Cave. He plays a doubleneck guitar, which is like two guitars at the same time. There was a meatloaf-tasting contest and Wii tournament before we played.

I saw Rodney Brannigan play two separate guitars a few years ago on the same stage, but Mark has a whole slew of songs in that style, and it seems like Rodney mostly does one or two showcase tunes that way. Different strokes, different folks. Rodney can do an amazing drumming thing on his guitar while he plays and sings; haven’t seen Mark do that. The gauntlet is thrown. I can’t do any of that stuff, I should add.

There’s nothing on my calendar right now, gig-wise, but here’s what I’m up to, day-to-day: most weekdays, I work with a bunch of kids and adults on their own music, and I recently did a miniproject to test-run my new studio and give me some writing practice. I look forward to doing more of that. I’ve started refilling my birdfeeder regularly, too, which is a good metaphor for other stuff.

Thanks for reading. Keep warm, stay off the ice. I’ll continue to keep ya posted on what I’m up to. If you’re a longtime fan and you still haven’t heard my most recent album “The Reluctant Hook,” a new world awaits you on the Music page.

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