Humdingers & Art in the Park

It was the last minigolf gig for the season at Humdingers, and on this date The Kids on the Mountain were composed of myself on guitar and harmonica and Richard Backes on fiddle and guitar. Richard also plays mandolin, button accordion, and banjo, but didn’t feel like lugging all his toys to this Humdingers gig. A highlight of this gig was our run through the jig “The Rolling Waves” on two guitars.

More Irish music is coming up Sat Oct 13 at Ava Marie Chocolates in downtown Peterborough NH. I think that one’s a trio gig. We’ll start at 1pm and run for a couple hours, as part of the street arts event in Pboro that day.

Art In the Park
Speaking of street arts, I played a show as “Tad Dreis” (original folk/pop, non-Irish) at Keene’s Art in the Park last month. Same day as the Keene Music Festival, which meant I got to wander Main Street afterward and hear folk, heavy metal, indie rock, synths, and more. There seemed to be a lot of Boston bands, which I guess makes sense.

Directly after my set in the park, however, I got some Walpole Creamery Ice Cream and watched the next act on the gazebo stage. It was a Vermont duo called “O’hAnleigh” – you guessed it, a Celtic band.

They saw me playing along off to the side and brought me up to sing and play harp during a “I’ll Tell Me Ma” in their set. After their show we chatted and had a quick tune session before they packed up their fiddle, guitar, and bouzouki and hit the road. I do love having a common repertoire to share with other musicians. It’d be the same if we were all Slayer fans, it’d just be a lot harder on our throats.

Upcoming Shows
I’ve got a couple more shows coming up in October – the afore-mentioned Ava Marie event, plus Tad solo at Fritz and my Milford NH debut at J’s Tavern, where I’ll be the acoustic pub rock guy for the evening. Check the Shows page for details, and remember to keep your eyes on the road while driving, because the leaves are about to get distracting around here.

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