Hot & Medieval

I’d like to see the shots the actual event photographers took this weekend at Centerfest and SparkCon, especially Friday night at SparkCon, where I played on the main stage with a huge live video projection of myself on the screen behind me. The sound there was clear and colossal, bouncing off the buildings. After me Friday night was FashionSpark, a runway show for local fashion designers. I had on a t-shirt, I think, and remember feeling a little underdressed.

Saturday was kind of a marathon, with a farmers’ market show in Hillsborough at 10 am, accompanied by my frequent bass accompanist Seth Barden. The take was heavy on baked goods this time out.

After that, I went home, took a shower, and headed back out to Durham for Centerfest, where parking was aided by insights gained over the last year into the one-way secret passageways of downtown Durham.

The gig was at 4 pm, and seemed to only last 25 minutes instead of 30. They run a pretty tight ship at Centerfest, and as I was preceded by flamenco dancers and followed by Indian classical dance, they had to keep things moving to get everybody on and offstage in time. As I understand it.

And then of course, Raleigh. The gig was at 10 pm, and it was cool to run into my old friend Drew, who used to live in my Chapel Hill apartment complex a decade ago and just returned to the area from Wilkesboro. He’s a member of the band “The Crinkle,” third on the bill Saturday night.

My second SparkCon set was loud and distorted, which I didn’t mind so much, considering the size and volume level of the festival crowd crammed into the little bar. If your words aren’t going to be understood, maybe it’s better if it’s because you’re SO LOUD, rather than because you’re so shy, quiet, demure, retiring.

Too stereotypical by far, for a solo acoustic act. Better to go all Hammell On Trial on their asses.

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