Holly Springs

Normally when I play outdoors, I just stand in the sun and have to slather on sunscreen and drink tons of water, but today the Holly Springs Farmers Market actually provided a tent. How’s that for taking care of the artist? By the end of the day, my “CD Seller” self-serve merch display had done its job and moved a few discs, and I got tipped a bucketful of dollars and a cookie.

This farmers market seemed to have more craftspeople than farmers, so I didn’t get the usual van load of produce, but it was really ok. I’m kind of up to my neck in peppers and tomatoes right now from last Thursday.

Next on the schedule is Six Plates in Durham on Oct 16 and then the band show at the Pittsboro General Store on Oct 18.

I’m always surprised at how hard it is to coordinate my band’s schedules for rehearsals. Can’t imagine leading a band with more than four people. The Polyphonic Spree must have mad texting skills. The Polyphonic Spree

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