Healthiest Tour Day Ever (So Far)

South Florida is great. It’s twenty degrees warmer here than in North Carolina, and I totally understand why half the people in the West Palm Beach airport were at least fifteen years past retirement. I didn’t understand why they were waiting for departing planes, though. I would just go snowbird and stay for the winter.

So here’s to my healthiest tour day ever. I had lunch at an actual restaurant, not fast food. We visited a loggerhead turtle rehabilitation facility and saw huge turtles. Some were really sad and had injuries, but one was a healthy youngster that had been swallowed by a fish as a baby and then coughed up when the fish was caught. They call him “Jonah.”

Then we played disc golf as a tour of the FAU Jupiter campus. Then I went to a yoga class(!). Now I’m putting on my face and fixing my hair before dinner. My hotel room just smells like a hotel, not ancient cigarettes. It could be a yuppie friend’s unfamiliar house, if I closed my eyes.

Why am I here? Oh, that’s right! To play the guitar and sing, something I’d do for free for my own enjoyment, even if it wasn’t my job.

I feel very lucky.

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