Heading North + T-Street Band

Right now, I’m waiting for my huge clunky external hard drive to finish syncing libraries with my laptop so I can grab a random slice of music to listen to on the way up to Fulton, NY. As warned, last week’s local North Carolina shows are giving way to more travels in the frozen north. And I almost left without packing a hat. Yow. Luckily, the huge clunky external hard drive is giving me plenty of time to pack. New York state, see you in twelve hours…

PS: the General Store Cafe was unique last Friday in that we played two full sets as a trio. Pretty cool to have longer to explore tunes that don’t usually make the forty-five-minute cutoff for band shows. One guy in the audience told Charles his piano reminded him of early Springsteen. I don’t know that the tunes had much Boss in them, but the epic (by recent Tad band standards) set length definitely made me want to put a red bandana in my back pocket to mop my sweaty, working-man’s brow.

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