Hardest-Working Band in Showbiz

Broad Street Cafe This past week, me and my trio played four shows in three days, starting Thursday with a noon gig at Brightleaf Square in Durham, followed Friday by an evening show at Harry’s Market in Whitecross, and then morning duties at the Eno River Farmers Market on Saturday for Hog Day in Hillsborough and two sets Saturday night at Broad Street Cafe in Durham.

Each day, we’d be setting up to play, and Seth or Charles would nonchalantly mention that they’d already played one, maybe two gigs that day, or were headed to do the same after our show. Casey Toll filled in on bass for the first time at Harry’s, and even he, the pinch hitter, had a similar schedule. Meanwhile, I was apparently swimming in leisure time, playing “only” 1.3 gigs a day. Every band’s gotta have a slacker, I guess.

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