Gazebo Twilight

I played in a little gazebo in the middle of a field, for people sitting on blankets inside the gazebo. Every now and then a train would go by and it was really loud. Then it was quiet again, except for the sounds of people crunching on Sunchips and the strums of a fellow with an unplugged electric guitar. Babylonia arrived with a bear cub that was actually a puppy but way too fluffy.

I didn’t remember her name but did recognize that she’d cut her hair since I played there last year. Babylonia, not the puppy. I don’t think the puppy existed last year. Me and two other girls figured out the music for Still Alive, by Jonathan Coulton, from the game “Portal.” The sun was setting when I first walked up to the gazebo and when you walked away, you’d disappear into the shadow of a tree and reappear seconds later on the other side in orange lamplight.

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