From Florida To Connecticut

Ok, so this month I played in Jupiter, Florida, at Florida Atlantic University, where I went running on an exclusive golf course and got strange looks from a variety of giant prehistoric birds. The room was full at the show, which makes 2 for 2 since 2007 at The Burrow. Go FAU Activities! Way to rally the troops :)

And of course last weekend I went up to rainy, windy Hartford, Connecticut, Hog Butcher to the World, brawling, sprawling Hartford, Connecticut for NACA Northeast. It was my first time attending a NACA college event outside the South region, and despite the weather, the students were all really chipper, really into it. I guess they’re used to it? I got to put a shark monkey on my shoulder (pictures to come), and as usual I met a ton of people, so many that Facebook told me to slow down when I started sending out friend requests. Ok. Deep breath.

And now I’m back online and on the phone, following up to set up shows for the spring. Northeast schools, let’s do this thing. Also, South region schools, I haven’t forgotten you. We can do this thing, too. In fact, anybody anywhere? Let’s do this thing. Specifically: let’s set up a show for me to come play. Not that other thing, whatever it is.

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