On June 25 I’m opening a show for one of my heroes, Freedy Johnston, and I’m still kind of twitchy just thinking about it. For fifteen years, I’ve done my dishes singing his songs. I get the mail, I sing his songs. I see a house on fire in the distance, I walk closer to have a look…naturally there’s a Freedy song about that, too.

If you recall the song “Bad Reputation” from 1994, that’s him. Here’s a video .

This is Freedy’s first gig in Raleigh since around 2002, so we gotta get the word out. It’s at the Berkeley Cafe. Did I mention that I am super psyched to be playing this show?

If you’re already a fan, you’ll be interested to know that our guy has finished a new original studio album for release later this year, titled “Rain On The City,” and you can listen to three tracks at his Myspace page. Also, if you were at his last Chapel Hill show at Go! Studios seven years ago, he played a bunch of covers that eventually came out last year on a limited-edition studio release called “My Favorite Waste Of Time,” pictured above. I think chances are good you can pick up the covers record at the Berkeley show on June 25. With any luck, you may even be able to pick up MY new record there, too…

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