First Mini-Gig in New Hampshire

The day after I moved up, I played at a sort of open mic curated by Tom Proulx at The Fritz. My set was about 20 minutes and included the songs Bureau De Change, T-Shirt, My Backstory, and Doing Your Dishes. Here’s the Youtube video. The monitor wasn’t working but honestly, when do I ever get a working monitor?

The Fritz specializes in French fries with special dipping sauces. Or should I say, Belgian frites. I tried the peanut sauce and found it a little mayonnaise-y. The Cobb salad was super.

Normally I also take advantage of the fact that they serve the fruity Lambic beer at Fritz, but on this occasion I abstained. Figured I needed to make a good impression before starting to drink on the job.

I’ll be back at Fritz for another short set on Thursday September 1.

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