Facebook Fan Contest – want free music?

Whoever refers the most new fans this week (by next Thursday) gets a free album download. Hurrah! You are hereby invited to go to my fan page, click “Suggest to friends,” and invite everybody you know. In order for you to win, I have to know which new fans came from you, so…

Please ask your friends to do two things:

1. Fan my page
2. Leave me a wall comment with the name of the person who referred them – “Thank you, Angela Tejada!”

They don’t give you the option to include a note when you “suggest to friends,” so you’ll probably also need to use your FB status, create an Event, or send a message to your friends so they’ll know what to do.

If your friends just add my page without leaving a comment with your name, I won’t know which new fans came from you. Heartbreak will ensue for everyone involved. We may break up, and I don’t want that to happen. It’s not worth it. We’ve come too far together.

Get your friends to fan me AND leave a comment. Tell them “Say my name!”

Be the person to refer the most new fans and…you’ll get a sweet, sweet FREE download of “The Reluctant Hook (and the day that caught it)!”

PS – If you already have my new album, you can get a download of the bonus tracks, or one of my three other records.

PPS – I’ve heard that in email marketing, only 1% of people who receive a message actually DO anything, so there’s a good chance that only ten people will enter this contest. Which means you have a pretty good shot at winning. Just saying.

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