Emerging From Cybernation

All my online activities have slowed down this winter. I’m not even tweeting the contents of my sandwiches as frequently, and for this I will try to make amends. Check my Twitter feed for references to donkey meat and gloriously free cups of ice.

I have used up all my rolls of online fat and am hungry to produce new content. Thus, you should know that I am performing in Charlotte NC on Saturday Jan 16 at the Midtown Plaza location of Common Market, everyone’s favorite punkrock deli. Know also that I will be at Carrboro NC’s own Open Eye Cafe for a Sunday brunch show from 12 – 2 pm on Sunday Jan 24 and in the underground and mostly smoke-free Cave in Chapel Hill NC the following week, on Sunday, Jan 31 at 9 pm.

Why two hometown shows in a row? And on weird days and times? For love of my friends Caleb and Joel. Caleb Hawley is joining me at the Open Eye Cafe, and he’s a wonderful, soulful Stevie Wonder of a fingerstyle guitarist from NYC. Likewise, Joel Ackerson, lately of Reno NV, is touring the East Coast with a new record and I want to play tennis with him. So I set up a show for him at the Cave on the only day he’s in town. Joel’s music is serious: it wears glasses to connote how serious it is about catchy tragedy. Glasses also protect Joel’s music from the flying glass splinters of your shattering heart at his shows.

In other news, I was thrilled recently to learn that I’ve won an ASCAP Plus award! It’s a small cash prize that recognizes emerging artists who play a lot of shows but don’t get a whole lot of radio play. Considering how many hardworking performing songwriters there are out there, it’s pretty awesome to be selected, and an honor. Thanks, ASCAP!

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