Custom Songs By Tad

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I want to write and record a custom song for your special someone!

How it works: First, you send me a bunch of details about the person. The gift song can be about your sweetheart, your child, sibling or parent, or it could be a personal theme song for you and your partner together. It could be even be an ode to your pet! Just send me the info, I’ll write and record the song, and email you an MP3.

Level One – The White Album – $50

Let’s keep it simple. You send me information, I write a song and record it with just acoustic guitar and vocals. Nothing fancy, no revisions, no worries. You get an MP3 of an original acoustic song, pure and simple.

Level Two – Sgt. Pepper – $75

At this level, I’ll write lyrics and music based on details you provide me, and record it with full production, including guitars, bass, sequenced drums, vocal harmonies, the whole kitchen sink, and send you an original song in MP3 format. No revisions, so I can work quickly to deliver you an awesome, multi-layered original song straight to your inbox. Most of the custom song examples here were created using this approach, so if you like the full production sound, this one’s for you.

Level Three – Abbey Road – $100

This level includes EVERYTHING. You get a multi-instrument, full-production original song based on your information, AND you get an opportunity to make lyrical revisions to a rough draft, partway through production.

Want to mix and match options? Let me know what combination you’d like and we’ll make it work.

Feel free to get in touch with any other questions you may have.

Full payment is required before writing begins.

Custom Song Questionnaire

Ready to get started? Give me some contact info, then answer 12 questions about the subject of your song.

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By the way, I created this questionnaire to give you an easy place to start, but you can always just write a freeform email to tell me about the subject of your custom song. I look forward to hearing from you!