Chutes & Ladders & Tad

Tonight I’m at Nosh in Durham, North Carolina. I’m not saying that at 6:30 EST I’m going to webcast this show, and that the sound or video is improved (they both are). I’m also not saying that the pizza and sandwiches are delicious at Nosh. You know that.

What I’m saying is, where else can you go and play board games while I try out my new foot shaker and sing songs to you? Where else?

Well, in your living room, but house concerts are another story. Also at your college, where “Tad Dreis and Chutes and Ladders” would be a BRILLIANT idea for an activity which we should discuss further.

But tonight, where is that going to happen? At Nosh, in Durham, from 6:30-8:30 pm. Directions are at my Shows page, just click on the little globe icon. And here’s the potential webcast link.

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