California, Pennsylvania

California University of Pennsylvania

California University of Pennsylvania, woohoo! Having a town named after a state is a step beyond the usual confusion of Athens GA, Oxford NC, Rome TX, or London OH. We’re talking Illinois, TN. Arizona, CT. I’m sure it’s an old joke to them, but it was new to me so I enjoyed it.

The show was awesome. Behind the rows of seats, they formed a circle and tossed an enormous beach ball thing around like an oversized game of hacky sack played with hands instead of feet. Or a slow-motion, noncompetitive version of volleyball without a net. So I basically got to watch a surreal sports channel while I played.

This show was also notable for the inclusion of the song “Play To Remember” for the first time in forever and for the fact that nobody left! It’s a long, sad, strange song. It was cool to have an audience amenable to more than one mood. Speaking of California, I’m sure my aura was Day-Glo by the end of the show.

I played this show on Sept 11, 2008. On this date, I also ate unfortunate beef with broccoli at the local Chinese place. Photo by M. Jade McGinnis. Thanks!

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