Berkeley Cafe Show

Tad Dreis band, Berkeley Cafe

At the WKNC radio interview last Friday, a certain record producer of some stature requested MY opinion of home vs. studio recording. Woo! Later that evening, I had a blast listening to how we all sounded through the big rock club speakers. Kind of awesome to hear it in full color after rehearsing in my living room through a practice amp. I was a little distracted actually, just listening to the band rocking, but I don’t think I missed any lyrics too badly.

Pinch hitter Jack Hill carried the day on bass, and here’s a ticker tape welcome home for Hugh Swaso, who has played guitar with me a number of times in smaller settings, but never on the big stage. Finally, drummer Rob DiMauro brought both Bonham and Copeland to mind while employing mostly brushes and hotrod bundles, which is to say I hardly ever have him use normal sticks and yet he brings the rock, and smart.

And of course big thanks to Don Dixon, Jamie Hoover, and Jim Brock for having us open and being gracious and cool guys, and to Marianne Taylor for setting up the show, and for working hard in general to put on great Americana shows for Triangle twang and roots fans.

The picture above appears courtesy of Merch Mike.

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