APCA Valley Forge 2008

This time out, I rented a car and drove up, which was kind of nice, since I didn’t have to worry about flight delays or putting the miles on my car. It’s an eight-hour trip each way from NC to the Philly area, but it’s just time, and I had a new harmonica to break in.

Here’s a stream-of-consciousness account of the conference: the pink tie continues its world tour of 2008. Tattoos were very popular and disappeared mysteriously on the second day, Showcase, Sarab, Mieka Pauley and her band of well-dressed NYC rockers. I was pretty much coherent in performance, not as random as sometimes I am.

What is the deal with chicken parm and mashed potatoes together on the same plate? Cool to meet tons of people, impressed by folks from other schools and other conferences who still remembered me, sorry I’m not better at putting together names and faces, but all those Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen songs in my head take up a lot of space. They each have, like, eight verses, you know?

I need an external hard drive for my brain. Only partially kidding. Not sure how I’m going to cross the bridge when becoming a cyborg becomes the hip and/or necessary thing to do. I mean, I don’t even own an iPod. But it would be cool to have instant recall for everything and everybody.

Sang David Bowie with a comedian. Played a long time Saturday night at the Illegal Showcase and closed the place. Ate lots of other people’s nachos.

Now I’m glued to my computer, catching up and being my own booking agent. I wish I could just be my own pet, but it’s also nice to make a living playing music. I don’t pay my fish very well.

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