APCA Atlanta 2008

Return of the pink tie. Showcase felt relaxed, took some pictures of the crowd. Hung with Ben Franklin AND Santa Claus. Did not get my RDA of Swiftkick but hopefully we’ll catch up in Valley Forge. Sang “Mrs. Robinson” at the Illegal Showcase with Del Suggs and Kijana Wiseman. Played harmonica with Maxxtone and Rebecca Loebe. Did some dancing during a mighty, mighty jam by Hooked On Tonics and Chris Cauley, including P-funk, Digital Underground, Stevie Wonder, Ginuwine, and pretty much every funk, r&b and rap jam of the last thirty years…

Met a whole bunch of new folks and caught up with some veterans of years past. I’d be more specific but there were like a hundred twenty schools. Met some very nice military folks. Oh yes, and there were multiple tornadoes in downtown Atlanta, and I had lunch with folks from Bossier Parish, Louisiana in the food court of the mall, under a glass ceiling. While the tornado was in the area. But that’s where Subway was, and I HAD to use those free coupons I got a couple weeks ago at KDEC in Iowa.

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