Monthly Archive for June, 2017

Party Like It’s 1799

A couple of Saturdays ago, I got to dress up in 18th century period dress and play music for a colonial New England dance at the Wyman Tavern Festival.

It was originally going to be a duo performance, with me on guitar and harmonica and Garrett Cameron on banjo ukulele, but Joe Sykes showed up with his fiddle and joined in.

Our stage was an old stable, and it was overcast, so we were spared the sweltering temperatures described by veterans of last year’s festival. Also, long sleeves, stockings and britches did a good job of protecting us from mosquito bites.

I learned a set of English Country Dance tunes for this event, from the blue Barnes book: The Black Nag, Hit and Miss, I Care Not for These Ladies, Jefferson and Liberty, The Physical Snob, Rufty Tufty, and Sellengers Round.

Upcoming Performances

It’s summertime! My picture here is from wintertime – please consider it a form of visual air conditioning. I have a number of upcoming performances: the Wyman Tavern Festival, where I’m playing the music of colonial New England in period garb, several summer weddings in NH and VT, an evening of classic rock at Jesse’s in Hanover, and a show for seniors at Bentley Commons in Keene.

And if you’d like to bring an instrument and join in, I host the beginners jam at the Nelson Town Hall every Monday at 7pm and the pre-dance jam at the Peterborough Town House every first Saturday at 6:30pm.

For more performance info, please visit the Live page.