Monthly Archive for October, 2011

Keene, NH – 10/27/11

Jaffrey, NH – 10/08/11

New Video, Stuff I’m Practicing & Lessons

I’ve posted a new 40-minute live video at my Youtube channel, from last week’s set at Fritz, in Keene NH. It was an experiment in just using a mic on the guitar and I think I managed to stay focused pretty well despite the need to keep myself oriented in the same direction at all times to maintain an even volume.

That’s the technical side. The artistic side was, er, it was fun, and I felt like I represented myself well publicly. That is to say, it felt good at the time, and I like what I see when I look back at it on video.

What else is new? Well, for the last month and a half I’ve been attending traditional Irish music sessions regularly in Peterborough and Dublin NH and have started to find my footing again as a guitar accompanist to fiddle tunes. I’ve also been working on getting some of those melodies going on harmonica so I can lead a few myself.

Brendan Power’s book “Play Irish Music on the Blues Harp” has been inspirational in that direction, as have his half-valved Paddy Richter-tuned harps, both of which I received as a Christmas gift two years ago, and which I’ve playing a LOT lately. Apologies to the neighbors. Hopefully they like reels, hornpipes and jigs, and specifically the five tunes I’ve been playing over and over and over and over…

A couple nights ago I played an opening set for my friend Tiff Jimber, again at Fritz, the day before she was to leave for her first European tour. Go TJ! It was good to see her again, and she even played the Ben Folds 5 song “One Angry Dwarf,” which was a nice blast from home. I don’t think she even knew I lived forever in the town that song was recorded in.

In addition to performing up here, I’m also teaching guitar, harmonica, and ukulele lessons every week in my home studio in Keene and online using Skype. If you’d like help with one of those instruments, either in person or via webcam, let me know.

Upcoming: next Saturday Oct 8, I’m playing my first gig at MindFull Books and Ephemera in Jaffrey, a wonderfully warm and quirky listening room about a half-hour from Keene.

It’s cold and wet here, and this is just the start. Here’s to more sunny days as the temperature settles ever lower in New England!