Monthly Archive for February, 2010

Tad’s Saturday Night Broccoli

Last night I made some amazing broccoli with peanut sauce from a recipe in Molly Katzen’s Vegetable Dishes I Can’t Live Without. Here’s my summary:

– boil water, then reduce to simmer
– throw broccoli in for 2-3 minutes
– remove from hot water, rinse to cool

Peanut Sauce:
– mix peanut butter, honey, and a bit of hot water
– when it’s smooth, add dash of cider vinegar
– mix and add cayenne pepper, crushed garlic, salt

For the full “Tad’s Saturday night” experience, dip tender crisp broccoli in the peanut mix and watch a Star Trek movie.

Live Video: Duke – 2/12/10

This show was a return engagement at Duke University’s Campus Concert Series in the Bryan Student Center. Specifically, it’s a return to their Armadillo Grill in the basement.

When preparing for the webcast, I tweaked the audio/video settings to try and get a clearer picture and sound, and it’s a little better, but the audio is still kinda warbly. Oh, and the video doesn’t appear in this posting, but it’s up at

Following me on the bill at this show was Duke student and hiphop artist TOON.

Live Video: Nosh 2/11/10

Last night I played at a sandwich shop in Durham that has music on Thursdays. I’ve played there a number of times. It’s pretty chill, sometimes a little too chill, as in, folks are eating dinner and no one wants to be the only one to clap. But it’s still a nice little place and I get paid a little and get a free quesadilla. So last night I used their wireless to stream this show live on my Ustream channel.

I’ve been trying to do that more, any place I play that has Internet. The video’s a little pixelated, the audio is a little warbly. I’m still figuring it all out, but how cool is it that I can broadcast easily and be seen live anywhere in the world? And then archive my entire 2-hour show for future (blurry) viewings, for free? Enjoy the show, ye interested parties, here’s the link.

Playing at Duke Tonight

I’m returning to Duke to play the Campus Concert Series tonight at 7:30pm. It’s in the Armadillo Grill downstairs in the Bryan Center. For directions, go to Shows and click on the little globe icon.

Also, depending on internet availability, I’ll try to stream video of the show live on my Ustream channel. Just check my Twitter status to get a link. Oh, you don’t already follow my sandwich updates on Twitter? I’ll bet you can guess the link.

Enchiladas and live music, woohoo! Let’s see, any other news? There’s a strange burned plastic / cigarette smell in my room that I can’t figure out or find the source of. Fingers crossed that it’s benign.

See you tonight!

Live Video: Open Eye Cafe 1/24/10

I played a show with Caleb Hawley and his friend, Reed H, who were on tour from the Northeast. It was fun. I play at the Open Eye every, oh, three years? Originally, this post had the video embedded in it, but I found it kinda slows down the page opening up, and this is old news by now, so instead, how about I just give you the link?

Live Video: The Cave 1/31/10

In this one, I’m at the Cave, another place I don’t get to all that often. I don’t play at home. For some reason. We can get into it another time. What’s important is that you’re going to see me playing under Christmas lights, and you are going to hear the voice of Joel Ackerson, my long-distance music friend of going on six years now. Well, you’ll hear Joel say something off-camera, if you listen through the warble. I’ve seriously gotten that a lot better on webcasts as of April 2010. The stuff before then, yep, kinda distorted, kinda blurry, kinda underwater-sounding. This is an edit from April 15, tax day, by the way. Anyhow, here’s the link for this show. I took the embedded video down because it was slowing down the homepage opening up. Enjoy!