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The Hedgepig Years

<a href="">Nothing Sexy by Tad Dreis</a>

Yesterday I was getting all my ducks in a row to go play at some colleges in Pennsylvania, and while I was out mailing posters and other promo stuff, it occurred to me: why not make an easy-to-download MP3 album of popular Tad Dreis songs available to the world? Wouldn’t it be awesome to arrive at a school and find that everybody on campus already knows my music?

Brilliant! And so it came to pass. The collection is called “The Hedgepig Years: An Introduction To Tad Dreis.” PS: this isn’t just for college kids. Everyone is invited to partake, including those who do not live in university housing. Enjoy!

Recipe For Crepes

No, this entry is not related to rock ‘n roll, but it does speak to your basic hungers, much as music does. I had crepes when I studied abroad in France years ago, and when I made some from a cookbook recently, I rediscovered how simple and amazing they are.

Use equal parts flour and milk, maybe a little more flour, plus an egg and some salt. Heat up the pan pretty hot, melt a little butter. Evenly coat the pan with batter and what you get is a big, thin pancake. Takes maybe 20-30 seconds to set one side, then flip it and cook the other side for maybe 5 seconds and you’re done.

Savory: roll up roasted meat or veggies in a crepe and pour a sauce on it. Or put cheese inside, fold in half and make a quesadilla. Sweet: peanut butter, sliced banana, maple syrup or honey.

They are tender and delicious and you can use crepes to wrap up almost any dish. How about leftover chicken tikka masala or chickpeas?

First Podcast + New Song!

Check it out! It’s a mini radio show, featuring friends of mine who’ve recently released new albums, plus one of my own new songs from my upcoming fourth CD.

My spoken interludes are pretty lo-fi, but the sound quality on the actual songs is awesome. You can either stream it from here or download the 13-minute (15mb) MP3 file by right-clicking. Thanks for listening!

Tad Dreis Podcast for March 19, 2009

1. Tad Dreis – The Makeup Company
2. DiEL – Kindred In Flux
3. Jonathan Byrd – Coyote
4. Jeff Fowler – Love I’ve Had

PS: Yes, I got today’s date wrong, but look Mom, I made a radio show!

March Update

Hello to all! Last month I drove up to New York state two separate times for tours and saw amazing things, such as horses wearing blankets in a field. Another revelation was GPS – who knew navigation could be so easy? Next thing you know, they’re going to have cordless telephones you can just carry around with you everywhere.

The new album has been mixed and mastered, hurrah, and we’re closing in on artwork. It won’t be long now. I will say for now that there are twelve tracks, most of the songs tell stories in a linear fashion, and the core of the record was recorded live in the studio last summer.

Just one live appearance this month. I’m playing in Durham, North Carolina this Thursday, March 12, at Six Plates Wine Bar, from 9 to 11 pm.

Next month, I’ll be in Pennsylvania for the first week, then APCA Northeast the second week, then heading out to Iowa. Pretty please, hoping I’ll be done with album artwork before I leave town.

Online stuff: you can fan me at Facebook, friend me at Myspace, iLike me at the site of the same name, and follow exquisitely minute details from my daily life at Twitter, as well as get directions to all my shows at, wait for it,

I just read Watchmen. It’s almost as complicated as my song “Three Forms of Media.” When they make a movie of my song, I hope they get the glowing blue guy to play me.

Thanks for reading!

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All Hail The Comet

All Hail The Comet

Last week, I was honored to participate in Seamus Kenney’s “All Hail The Comet” sci-fi opera preview. Seamus is in the power-pop band SNMNMNM, and this is sort of his “serious” orchestral side project. If you look closely, you can see projections of space images behind us. There was a string section, brass, percussion and vibes, and at least ten people singing in the chorus. Seamus wrote the songs and orchestrated the whole thing himself. The libretto tells a sinister story of secret societies, comet worship, and the end of the world. I thought the music sounded sort of Beach-Boys-meets-Carmina-Burana. Awesome. Thanks to Betsy Harris for taking pictures!

Pittsboro General Store

Pittsboro General Store - February 2009

John Fallon took this neat picture of us at the General Store a couple weeks ago. I love the mural behind the stage.