Monthly Archive for January, 2009

Bound For Glory

Yes, it was a mighty show at Broad Street Cafe, replete with references to “The State” and to sipping from monogrammed buckets into which special sponges had been squeezed after soaking up the melted faces of the audience from the floor. We started a little bit later than scheduled (surprise surprise, rock fans) to accommodate the dinner-hour customers and played the new album in track order. The new album? Yes, the one I’ve been talking about for two years and groaning about for longer. It’s not far off. The songs are done. Artwork and mastering are next. Woohoo.

Anyhow, Luego was next and rocked out, Big Star-style, and then Tripp came on and were we listening to the radio? Maybe, if it was a station that played Good Music. I had a personal pizza and passed the hat. And speaking of hats, this was the first show in years to feature a hat. I’m sure everyone is keeping track and yes, yes, it WAS fun wearing a hat.

Thanks to Alex, Charles, Hugh and Rob for being my band and amplifying my cave paintings into frescoes. I’ll be solo again for a few weeks, then we’re doing a trio show (me, bass, keys) at the Pittsboro General Store on Feb 20. There’s lots of info on the Shows page, but the basics are: next week Nebraska, then Carrboro with Jeff Crawford and Nick Jaeger, then NYC and upstate colleges, then Six Plates in Durham, then General Store with trio, then upstate NY again. See you soon!

More Shows

New dates in Raleigh and Carrboro have been added, so here’s an updated look at the next couple weeks:

1.20 (CHAPEL HILL, NC) Jack Sprat Cafe
1.22 (DURHAM, NC) Six Plates Wine Bar
1.23 (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) SFL&A Architects
1.24 (DURHAM, NC) Broad St Cafe * Band show!
1.25 (RALEIGH, NC) Deep South Bar
1.30 (DURHAM, NC) Nosh
2.5 (BLAIR, NE) Dana College
2.7 (CARRBORO, NC) Open Eye Cafe

2009: I Has A Code

I have a cold. It’s been a year since my nose staged its last rebellion, and I’m working hard to put down the insurgency before I start performing again in a couple weeks.

This month I’m playing a band show at Broad Street Cafe in Durham on Jan 24, as well as solo gigs at Six Plates Wine Bar, Fayetteville’s SFL&A Architects, and the lovely little sandwich bistro Nosh. As always, details are at the Shows page.