Monthly Archive for November, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Hedge

Thanks to Steven Snedeker for this awesome image, and best wishes to you all for the holiday!

Off To The Northeast

My two days at home are up and I’m off to the great upstate of New York to seek my fortune. I leave behind memories of laundry and a lovely little show at Whole Foods in Chapel Hill where I met a woman who saw me accidentally eat a moth onstage several years ago. I’d forgotten what exactly happened and she was able to fill in the details I had blanked out. Also, hello to the DSI improv wonderkids who came out on a rainy night to see me. Now I gotta pack some longjohns and get ready to hit the road. APCA Northeast, here I come!

Emo Farmer

Just arrived in Iowa. It is cold. Some of the corn fields on the way in were still standing, long past harvest season. I feel sorry for the corn that doesn’t ever ripen and get eaten. Makes me feel like an emo farmer.

Off To The Midwest

Ronald MacDonald - Coralville, IA

Tomorrow I’m putting on a warm coat and heading up to Coralville, Iowa for APCA Midwest. I’m showcasing Monday afternoon. If you’re going to be there, we should make a pilgrimage as a group to the terrifying Ronald MacDonald statue carved out of a stump. I don’t want to visit it alone.

Misty Mountains and Giant Fruit

If you’ve driven south from Charlotte on 85, you’ve probably seen the giant peach. That’s where I’m going first. I’m heading down to play at Limestone College tonight at 9 pm, then I’ll be driving back up to the mountains of Western North Carolina for a show at Lees-McRae College at 9 pm tomorrow. Then it’s off to Iowa on Sunday. I’ll let you know how it all goes. Talk to you later, Internet!

The cc flickr image above is from jimmywayne22.