Monthly Archive for January, 2008

Starbucks tonight, Lincoln Theatre tomorrow

Hey! A couple different shows for you tonight and tomorrow…

Cary fans, I’m playing solo acoustic tonight at the Crossroads Plaza Starbucks from 8-10 pm. This one’s free, but gas is ‘spensive, so maybe grab a CD or a Hedgepig T-shirt to help keep my van running, ok?

Raleigh fans, I’m playing a band show on Saturday at the Lincoln Theatre downtown, opening for legendary R.E.M. producer Don Dixon. This one starts at 8 pm also, and tickets are $15.

Next week, I’m returning to Starbucks for one last Friday show before I head out on tour to Ohio, Illinois, West Virginia, Virginia, Texas and Louisiana. Those shows are all in February, so I’m definitely getting my oil changed and tires rotated before I go!

See you tonight :)

Open Mic Correction

You know, I just don’t think my jet-setting rockstar lifestyle is going to allow me to host the Jack Sprat open mic every Tuesday. Have a look at my tour page and you’ll understand what I mean. But the show will go on with a different Captain Kirk to the JS Enterprise and I’ll see you there when I’m home. Keep on rockin’ :)

Jack Sprat Open Mic on Tuesdays

My friend Alex Wilkins has handed me the torch, and I will begin hosting the Tuesday open mic at Jack Sprat Cafe in Chapel Hill tonight!

Sign-up is at 10 pm, and performances will start at 10:30. I’ll usually kick things off with a few songs, and close out the night at the end. On those occasions when my tour schedule prevents me from being there, we’ll bring in special guest hosts.

If you need another reason to come, the bar is offering drink specials to encourage courage in performers and enthusiasm among audience members. Jack Sprat Cafe is located at 161 E Franklin St, across the street from Schoolkids Records.

So come out and do your thing. See you tonight!

Video: APCA showcase ’06

This was shot at the APCA national conference in Atlanta in March of 2006. The whole video was fifteen minutes long, but Kijana over at edited down to five, and extremely musically, I might add. I think the segues make it feel sort of like a Vegas-style revue :)

Flurry Of Band Shows

So I just got home from the winter vacation, cleaned the science project that my fridge turned into, and now am deep into rehearsals for the four band shows I’ve got coming up this month. Check the Shows page for details, but basically it’s Chapel Hill this Tuesday, Durham this Thursday, Charlotte next Wednesday, and Raleigh next Saturday.

The Jan 26 Raleigh show is at the Lincoln Theater, which is itself kind of a big deal, but what makes it sweeter is that it’s with Don Dixon & The Jump Rabbits. DD, if you don’t know, is the alt-rock mastermind who co-produced R.E.M.’s first two records and a slew of others since the early 80’s. And he’s got killer roots-pop songs of his own, so I’m really looking forward to that show.

I’m also playing solo a bunch, so if you’re not on the mailing list (of course you are), sign up for monthly updates! And heck, subscribe to the blog while you’re at it.