Monthly Archive for December, 2007

Video: “Blackbird” live at ECU

Thanks to Joe for this clip!

The Day After Christmas

Here’s some stuff I saw the day after Christmas: the sun and the blue sky after two weeks of white, overcast, not-snow clouds. The shadows of blackbirds on the building across from me, flying in a shadow flock. Toddlers in snowsuits waddling with their arms stuck out at the sides which they can’t lower. The center of town shut down completely for Christmas but families walking around anyway because it’s a beautiful day. A refrigerator ridiculously full of food, same as me.

Microtel Welcomes DMB and Tad Dreis

This is what I saw when I got to the hotel on Friday night in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Yes, the sign says “Welcome U.S. Army, Dave Matthews Band, Tad Dreis, and Skinny.” My friends in the band Skinny noted that DMB’s tour bus is probably nicer than our hotel, so we decided it must be the road crew. We learned the next day that it was the Dave Matthews Tribute Band. Pretty cheeky to check yourself into the hotel as the band you impersonate onstage. I’m going to start making all my reservations as “Morrissey.”