Monthly Archive for November, 2007

Lesbian Wine

God bless Wikipedia. Where else would you stumble across a random article about viticulture on the Greek island of Lesbos? To quote,

“The most noted Lesbian wine was known as Pramnian which draws similarities today to the Hungarian wine Eszencia. The popularity of Lesbian wine continued into Roman times where it was highly valued along with other Aegean winess of Chios, Thasos and Kos.”

I think I’ve just found the title for my next album. Which, by the way, is coming along nicely, thanks for asking! We’re reaching the final mixing stages, and yes, I AM using the royal “we.”

Free TD Ringtones

This is about as easy (and free) as it gets. Just download an mp3 from my Music page, or rip your favorite song from your Tad Dreis CD collection, and head over to the site linked below. You’ll upload the song there, input your phone number, and they’ll convert the song to the correct format and text you a link for your brand new, free TD ringtone.

Pretty neat! One caveat: you still have to put it on vibrate when you come to see me play.

An Excuse To Drink Soda

Going on the road is essentially an excuse for me to drink soda. That statement can be expanded: leaving the house before 5 pm is essentially an excuse for me to drink soda. Right now, I am getting ready to go run some errands. It is noon. What motivates me to get the job done? The promise that on the drive there, I will drink some soda. I am clearly a man of simple, artificial pleasures.

Planning The Spring Tour…

If you are involved with booking events at your college in one of these areas, please have a look at these date ranges and let me know if anything looks good.

Ohio————————February 4-8
VA, WV, DC————–February 13-15
Iowa———————–March 3-7
NY, PA———————April 23-27
Minnesota—————April 30 – May 2

Although I’m taking care of college shows first, suggestions for clubs and coffeehouses would be welcome too. Thanks!

Spirit DJ

There has got to be a spirit DJ in my mp3 player. On random, it lined up Leonard Cohen’s and Martin Sexton’s identically-titled songs “Hallelujah” back to back. Later on, it was John Lee Hooker threatening to have hit men kill a dude, followed by what could have been a response single, thirty-five years later: 2Pac’s song “If I Die 2night,” about being hunted down by killers. The first pair could have been some random choice of having a non-random name association, but the second pair are related thematically. Eerie.

I’m sure any iPod user has had the experience of rediscovering music they’d forgotten once they digitize their entire collection and start running shuffle mixes. Listening tonight, I can’t help thinking of what I’m reading in Kurzweil about the advantage computers have over humans in the department of instant data recall. I remember most of these songs very specifically, but some songs only have a vague, hazy familiarity to them. Listening to them on headphones instead of just in my own head is essentially me using the mp3 hard drive as “non-biological” auxilliary brain. Implants can’t be far off. I’m not sure how I feel about being an mp3 cyborg.

PS: A Bowie-esque Shudder to Think side-project into Charley Patton – hottt!

PPS: Mad props to Daniel Lee’s recent blog which suggested just keeping all the music on your computer and shuffling a 1GB slice to a tiny, inexpensive mp3 player, rather than carting around a bulkier, more expensive and thus less carefree 80-gig monster. Carefree is key.

The Burrow

Ok, I need to take back something I said onstage at FAU tonight. “The Burrow” is a FINE name for the lounge at a school whose mascot is an owl. I ripped on you guys unfairly, due to my own ignorance of Florida’s legendary Burrowing Owls. These small owls live in underground burrows and, unique among their species, they are active during the day, although they hunt primarily at dusk and at night. I stand corrected.

Healthiest Tour Day Ever (So Far)

South Florida is great. It’s twenty degrees warmer here than in North Carolina, and I totally understand why half the people in the West Palm Beach airport were at least fifteen years past retirement. I didn’t understand why they were waiting for departing planes, though. I would just go snowbird and stay for the winter.

So here’s to my healthiest tour day ever. I had lunch at an actual restaurant, not fast food. We visited a loggerhead turtle rehabilitation facility and saw huge turtles. Some were really sad and had injuries, but one was a healthy youngster that had been swallowed by a fish as a baby and then coughed up when the fish was caught. They call him “Jonah.”

Then we played disc golf as a tour of the FAU Jupiter campus. Then I went to a yoga class(!). Now I’m putting on my face and fixing my hair before dinner. My hotel room just smells like a hotel, not ancient cigarettes. It could be a yuppie friend’s unfamiliar house, if I closed my eyes.

Why am I here? Oh, that’s right! To play the guitar and sing, something I’d do for free for my own enjoyment, even if it wasn’t my job.

I feel very lucky.

iLike vs Zombies

Darn it, I want to chomp people all day on the Facebook Zombies application but my inner manager says no, upload your goddamn songs to more places so people can listen to your music. So I’m an artist on iLike now. Do you iLike me? I iLike you. [single noble tear]

Zombie chewing on iMac

Ode To Rockin’

I played in a bar tonight and it was rockin’. Lately I’ve been playing in coffeehouses and school cafeterias – places that don’t serve alcohol. And I gotta tell you, buzzed people are just a lot more down with rockin’. They want to rock. They suspect that good rockin’ could help them get lucky, and they’re probably right. So tonight it was open mic night at Jack Sprat Cafe and I hosted and played a couple sets and it just felt like hitting the sweet spot on your tennis racquet. Even “Driving To Georgetown,” which is usually more of a groover, played like a piledriver. So to everybody who was out tonight and rocked with me, thanks for reminding me what a good time a drinking establishment can be to play in. Love, Tad.

Video clip: “Good For You”

This clip is from Carolina Calling, the North Carolina PBS folk music show, but it’s all weird and grainy because it’s actually camera footage of a TV screen in a living room. Specifically, in Christina Nunez’s living room. She walked in, saw I was on TV, and ran and grabbed her camera and shot this, then emailed it to me. Because she is awesome.